About the Author

The author is Danny Bernardo Bajit. He found the Lord thirty years ago through the late and dedicated American missionary couple serving the Lord for many years in a Third World country, the Philippines. He is a civil engineer by profession with a masterís degree in development management from the University of Pangasinan and Pangasinan State University respectively. While in the Philippines, he worked with a private construction firm, and then had a short stint with the national government. He retired early after fifteen years with local government to immigrate to Canada in 2005. He now works with the City of Toronto. God helped him through his struggles to settle in a new home and that has a purpose.

He once served as a Church elder and headed a cell group ministry serving the spiritual needs of immigrants and the community. He also spent years of teaching and working for various churches then developed the talent that the Lord has given himóa gift of understanding His Word and the prophecies. To him, nothing is more fulfilling than to find oneís role and be an active player in Godís ministry. Along with those years of secular career, he searched and pursued his goal. For the past twenty years he explored the modern ageís place in the Bible and searched the answer to the question, if God is indeed powerful and the Bible is His written covenant with man, then, is the modern world mentioned at all in the prophecies? He finally discovered many wonderful findings that we are part, not few, but almost all of the prophecies are for our time. He was absorbed in praying, studying, and writing to share to the world about the power of God being convincingly manifested in the prophecies.

The Omega Days: Unlocking the Prophecies for the Last Days is dedicated by the author to all missionaries and Christians facing persecution around the world, to serve as their encouragement that the Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon.

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