GOD IS THE Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last. He created man with a goal—to establish His everlasting kingdom on earth and the entire universe. That is the very virtue of God—He creates, He gives love, He teaches truth, justice, and mercy so that we will all become like Him.

In pursuing this goal, God made a master plan we call the Divine Plan. When God started to implement the plan, He visited the future and saw its progress through the course of time. He revealed the future to the prophets in prophecies through many generations. They wrote them down in scrolls that were compiled over time into a book we now call the Bible or Holy Scriptures. Slowly and surely, each and every word about the prophecies is being fulfilled even at this very hour, but we are not aware of it. By understanding the writings of the prophets, we will appreciate better the Holy Scriptures and strengthen our faith in Him.

The prophecies are, however, hard to understand. It was difficult even for the prophets to unlock the prophecies that they wrote. They used terms that are now inconsistent with time, such as chariots and swords. The prophecies are for our times, using the words of ancient times that now become symbols. The ancient readers easily understood the literal words that are familiar to them, but the ultimate fulfillment did not happen in their time. That is God’s way of revealing His plan. The prophecies are for all ages, believers and unbelievers alike, so that when they are all fulfilled, all will come to realize God’s power and therefore men will put their trust in Him.

Let us start with some of the prophecies about the future global events. How will you believe that the Antichrist will set his throne in America—particularly in New York City? Europe, Israel and finally America will all fall in spite of their superior military power. Likewise, the Antichrist shall come from Iraq, that there will be another Exodus, and so on.

It is now possible for us to uncover the mysteries of why we exist and why the great nations behave as they do. These are among the questions that baffled men for ages. This book explains in detail the mysteries surrounding our world since the beginning of time using history books and the Bible from Genesis up to the book of Revelation

Finally, one of the aims of this book is to quell the unrelenting attack against the authority and authenticity of the Bible. Movies were filmed and books were written with the intention of creating doubts in the existence and power of God. I pray and hope that this will change the readers’ perception about our God and the Bible, create fear in their hearts and finally come into a decision to surrender their lives to the Creator. This will also serve as a guide and warn everyone about the coming powerful deception of the Antichrist and the dreadful Day of the Lord.

Lately, killer disasters that are unprecedented in recorded history are occurring one after another in various places. Likewise, internal strife in the Arab world is spreading. Economic hardships are also testing our tolerance to the limit. Are these the signs of the prophetic birth pains? 

Now is the time for all men to prepare, acknowledge our transgressions, and repent. It is time to give glory to the Almighty God and to His Son, the Saviour Jesus Christ, the Alpha and the Omega.

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