The Day of the Lord

The Day of the Lord is even more terrifying than the Days of Tribulation. These are two different times. The tribulation period covers a time span of six years and within that six years there are 1,260 days, the reign of the Antichrist. But Jesus Himself warned that it is better for us to experience the wrath of the Antichrist rather than taste the wrath of God.

Moses and Elijah will come again to prepare the way of the Lord. That is in the same way as Elijah came as John the Baptist prepared Jesus' way before He started His ministry on earth. Moses and Elijah are the Two Witnesses mentioned in the book of Revelation and each one has specific purpose and place of assignment. Moses will be assigned in America and culminate in New York City, USA and Bible calls it "Sodom" and "Egypt." Rightly so because USA as mentioned before is also Egypt since he is also Manasseh. It is also Sodom because take note-- the modern day feast of sodomy we now call Gay Pride was founded in New York City way back in 1970 in the small place called Stonewall Inn. Elijah will be assigned in Israel, the old Judah as the Bible says "where Jesus was crucified."

There are so many things or events that will happen at the same as the start of the Day of the Lord.

The Day of the Lord shall immediately start when the Two Witnesses have been killed and resurrected.

A huge asteroid called Wormwood shall strike Greenland, the Desert of Nations where the worthy Christian had been taken for refuge against the wrath of the Antichrist.

True Christians who have been taken into the Desert of Nations will undergo the blink of an eye transformation from perishable to imperishable to become the warriors in the Army of God as the star Wormwood strikes the island in a huge fireball as they are also baptized with fire.

The rest of the Christians will start the long march to the original Promised Land or Israel while the rest of the world is burning. We will call it the Last Day Exodus. They will renew their strength like an eagle, they will walk through water and fire without getting hurt for they have waited patiently for the Lord's Coming and did not submit to the Antichrist and have survived to see the Lord of their salvation. The Atlantic Ocean will be divided in two like in the Days of Moses and they will have pillar of fire and cloud to guide them.

During the long march to Israel, the army of God is also burning the whole earth, tormenting the sinners for their last chance to repent. The whole earth is in total darkness.

Once the marchers had reached the Promised Land, the enemies of Israel who have survived the torment and punishment from God in the last months shall plot to pursue and destroy the Christians who by then are already settled safe in Jerusalem. They will surround the city with great army, the descendants of Gog and Magog, the people from the East or Asia. But before they can even start to attack Jerusalem and the Christians, the Seventh Trumpet will sound signalling the Lord's Second Coming. Jesus Christ will return and His angels will harvest the earth. The dead in Christ will rise first and those who have arrived in Jerusalem will ascend to meet the Lord in the air as the Lord will descend from heaven with great power and glory to make war with the enemies.

Then the great Battle of Armageddon, the battle that shall have no equal will start and end immediately for it is also the Battle of Lord. Jesus Christ Himself will fight against the enemy and they will all perish.

After the Battle of Armageddon, all things will be restored as the thousand year reign of Christ begins. Satan will be bound in prison or the Abyss or the Bottomless Pit to be released after the Millennium is over.

There are more things happening beyond the Millennium reign of Jesus Christ but for now the more important thing to know is how to enlist in God's army or how to reserve a slot in the Last Day Exodus. The time is now and is free. Tomorrow may be too late. You might still be alive when that time comes. He is coming soon. Please follow the link to start your reservation.

These are all explained more in detail in the book form.

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