The Confirmation of the Covenant

We shall see repetition of history--the rise of the Assyrian Empire, the Babylonian Empire and finally the rise of the Pharaoh, an Egyptian ruler whose common purpose is to destroy God's people. Following what had happened in the ancient history of the nation Israel down to its downfall is exactly what will happened in the last days. As Daniel prophesied, there will be confirmation of the covenant in the last days for the purpose of proving to all that what was written in the Scriptures actually happened the way we will see it happening in the last days. Confirmation of the covenant is to prove, make certain a point, this one, the covenant or the inspired historical Scriptures.

As we have learned in Israel's history, they were at first great God-fearing nation but became a divided kingdom due to her sins. The northern part, ten tribes as House of Israel and the southern kingdom, became the House of Judah.

After so many years, the House of Israel was invaded by Assyria followed later on, the House of Judah and Egypt both fell at the hands of Babylonian king. But that will not be the end. The Jews and the Hebrews didn't experience the worst of their suffering yet. The worst suffering the people of Israel had experience was at the hands of the Egyptian Pharaoh during the time of Moses. It was long 400 years of slavery and God Himself had to rescue them with great deliverance.

Now after the fall of Israel in the last days, an extremely evil king shall oppress them like never before. That king shall be the Antichrist ruling like a Pharaoh because he will be putting his throne in the last days Egypt, the United States of America. He will also make war against the saints and be initially successful until Jesus Christ will rescue the redeemed.

Therefore we should also expect so many things to happen:
It's a reality that we all now see that the people blessed by God did not heed the Great Warning. They became proud nations disowning God as the source of their blessings and ultimately, they will leave the faith as they are now doing. The Western Allies, Europe, the USA and Israel will be divided. USA will experience seven years of abundance but there shall also be a division and internal strife. They will also be in great confusion, at the threat of one, a thousand of them fall, they now live in fear, paranoid of their surroundings. They forgot to depend on God, to pray. They but have strong faith in their own power, technology and human knowledge. That's the reason God will destroy them until they will pray for His mercy and deliverance. Now the enemies, Edom, Moab and Ammon are slowly but surely fulfilling the prophecies to destroy the West.

As foretold and to follow Israel's history, Europe of the Ten Lost Tribes shall fall first followed by the fall of Judah, now we know as the nation as Israel and finally, USA the Manasseh will fall with a great destruction. The Antichrist will set his throne "between the seas, in the beautiful holy mountain." No other great (mountain) nation is set between the seas except the USA. It was originally started and destined to become beautiful, holy and great so as to fulfill the promise to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob then confirmed to Ephraim and Manasseh.

These are all explained more in detail in the book form.

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