The Enemies of Israel

This topic relates how the enmity between good and evil evolved starting with Cain and Abel down to the nation of Israel. Israel came from one man, Jacob whose brother Esau became his adversary. Their generations would in the later days reawaken their rivalry. Esau or Edom intermixed with the clan of Ishmael. Ishmael being also the son of Abraham had received a share of the blessings to become a group of great nations. These nations will also one day become the nemesis of Israel. Moab and Ammon, the sons of Lot who are nephews of Abraham have also turned into Israel's adversary.

Daniel saw great kingdoms in the form of a great image and diverse kinds of beasts. The great image pictures a man made up of different kinds of metals from head to foot. As accurately as interpreted, the upper body kingdoms had come and gone. The head of gold was the Babylonian Empire. The next was the Medo-Persian Empire or the Achaemenid Empire. Then the Grecian Empire followed headed by Alexander the Great. He conquered all known kingdoms of his time so swiftly and lamented there were no more lands to conquer. Next, is the Roman Empire, the legs of iron. The Roman Empire is the longest lasting kingdom the world ever had. It spanned from 168 BC to 1453 AD. The Empire was indeed very strong and vast but less wealthy.

Finally, we have the last, the toes of iron and clay. Although they lie at the lowest portion, they served as the foundation supporting all the rest of the body. If the toes fall, so is the entire body or the world. Yet in here the materials are the weakest signifying chaos and total degradation of human spirit. There is no unity. This kingdom is still to come. It shall cover all the nations of the world ruled by the Antichrist and will reign very briefly, in fact the shortest of the reigns preceding it. Just as there are mixtures of races and norms the world over, so shall be this kingdom. It is very hard to rule such a diverse race in a very vast area so its king, the Antichrist shall apply the harshest and cruellest of ways in governing such as the world has never yet seen in all history.

The beasts of Daniel are:

The lion with eagle's wings - This is the same as the head of gold in king Nebuchadnezzar's dream of a great image because his kingdom, Babylon was then the greatest kingdom of that time. It's not because of king Nebuchadnezzar's greatness but because of the Jews that were being held captive in his kingdom. Today, these are the nations of the chosen people, specifically Great Britain the lion and USA, the eagle's wings. They are the co-owners of birthright physical blessings. Daniel prophesied that they will part ways and will lose heart in the last days and be defeated. They will also soon the last days kingdom of Babylon and a fierce king, the Antichrist will rule over them in their own land.

The bear - A bear is slow, lumbering giant whose strength is in the paws, jaws, and legs. Its powerful muscles easily make up for its sluggishness. No other beast can match its combined strength and ferocity. Persia won battles simply by the size of its army. The size of Xerxes expedition was 2,500,000 strong. The three ribs in its jaws are the three kingdoms it conquered successively. Today, it is the USSR.

The leopard - This beast is noted for its swiftness. Its strength can be weaker than its predecessors but none can be compared to its swiftness over land. Its first king, Alexander the Great had conquered 11,000 miles of territory in just a span of eight years reaching to as far as India. The kingdom however was short-lived. The Kingdom had disintegrated into four smaller kingdoms ruled by his four generals. Unlike the first two kingdoms, this is the kingdom that still remain where they were, the Middle East and the Antichrist will come from it.

Diverse beast - This beast is the combination of the first three into one big beast. This means, all the the major world kingdoms became just one big kingdom, a one world government ruled by the Antichrist, being the most ferocious beast. We will understand this more completely in the prophecy on the Great Tribulation.

The ram and the goat - These two seemingly less beastly animals provides us an answer where the Antichrist will come from because it pertains to a war in the Middle East climaxing on the coming of the Antichrist who started small, grew in power to conquers the whole world including Europe and America.

It is also prophesied in the book of Nahum that from Nineveh, Assyria (the Bible calls places by their ancient names), the Antichrist will come forth. This is the place occupied now by Iraq, the old ancient Babylon.

These are all explained more in detail in the book form.

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