The Journey of Israel

The young nations of Israel started with just a family of twelve brothers. During the great famine in all of Canaan and Egypt, the family was reunited in Egypt. There, they settled in the land for over 400 years and began to multiply greatly.

After four centuries there was a pharaoh who never knew Joseph and became wary of how fast the Hebrews were multiplying because he feared of their possible rebellion. The promise of God for Israel to multiply and number like the sands of the seashore was already taking effect. But the Hebrews were treated as slaves and suffered greatly in Egypt. To counter the possibility of rebellion, the pharaoh came up with a very violent solution - to kill all male babies born of the Hebrew women.

During those times, Moses was born. In order to escape death from Egyptian soldiers, his mother put him in a basket and left to float in the current of the Nile river and the rest was another milestone for the history of Israel.

Moses was then commissioned by God to liberate his kindred from Egypt. God displayed His awesome power in series of plagues in full view of Israel and Egypt. The final plague was the death of the firstborns of Egyptian families. This was the first Passover when the Angel of the Lord passed over Egypt to strike down those who did not have the blood of a lamb at the door posts. This Passover will soon be remembered for the rest of Israel's generation culminating to the real and ultimate Passover lamb who is Jesus Christ. So finally, the pharaoh let go Israel. It was highlighted by crossing the divided Red Sea to travel to Canaan. It is the land flowing with milk and honey, the land promised to Abraham. It became known today as the Promised Land. Because of the sins of Israel and their lack of faith, they never get to Canaan easily. God delayed their arrival and they wandered in the desert forty years. Moses was only able to see the land from a distance and never got there himself.

After forty years, Joshua succeeded Moses and conquered Canaan. Because of their faith in God, he defeated kings easily one after another even when kings joined forces together. But when they sinned, they never get to defeat a single weakest enemy.

And so finally, Israel had a land of their own but without a king for God Himself was their king. After Joshua, Israel was ruled by judges. Then Israel began to ask for a human king just like their neighbours. God relented it but He gave them their wish. Saul was the first king of Israel and he became sinful.

Then God anointed David to become the greatest king Israel has ever had. Then he was succeeded by Solomon his son. During those times, Israel experience its zenith of glory. It became very powerful, wealthy and the most admired and feared nation on earth. God has finally fulfilled His promised of great material blessing to Abraham. Solomon later also sinned and God took away all glory that Israel received. The kingdom of Israel became divided and enemies started to surround them anew. The northern part became the House of Israel consisting of 10 tribes that included the half tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh and the southern part became the House of Judah consisting of the tribe of Judah, some Benjamites and few from the tribe of Levi. These divided kingdoms had their own separate kings and on occasions, made war against each other.

Two hundred forty years after King Solomon, the House of Israel was invaded by King Shalmaneser V of Assyria. All of its inhabitants were taken captives to Assyria and was never heard of from them again. The land was laid bare and was repopulated by foreigners with strange gods.

One hundred forty five years after the fall of the House of Israel, the House of Judah too fell in the hands of King Nebuchadnezzar of the kingdom of Babylon. Likewise, all were taken as captives to Babylon. But unlike the northern kingdom, the Jews later returned to Judah after seventy years of captivity. That is to fulfill the prophecy that the Messiah, Jesus Christ shall come from Judah who is to be born in Bethlehem, Judah some five hundred years later.

Meanwhile the Northern Kingdom, the the House of Israel or the other ten tribes, later to be known as Ten Lost Tribes or the Lost Sheep were nowhere to be found. During the time of Jesus Christ, their location was not known but there were signs in the New Testament where they are during those times. Apparently, the Ten Lost Tribes were intermixed with other races and would later become called Gentiles themselves. They lost their identity, their race, religion, language and genealogy.

But there are tell-tale signs. Paul, the apostle was commissioned to spread the gospel to the Gentiles as well as the Lost Sheep of Israel. By following his journey, the locations of the Lost Sheep are also identified.

Paul went to Europe and has planned to go to as far as Spain. So the Ten Lost Tribes are in Europe! The places along the northern coast of Mediterranean Sea is apparently where some of the Ten Lost Tribes went to after the fall of their Kingdom.

Birthright promise belonged to Ephraim and Manasseh but where are they? They are the European Union and the United States of America. To them the birthright promises were fulfilled in our times. No other nation has been blessed like them. Wealth, global power, home of geniuses and masters of science, literature, music and other areas... truly nations of kings.

But there is a Great Warning from God not to repeat what happened in their past. That warning is clearly not heeded and now these nations are doing the same sins as their forefathers. The last days are fast approaching.

These are all explained more in detail in the book form.

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