The Origin of Nations

Understand how the great Divine Plan started beginning with Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve sinned. During those times, men began to multiply and sinned even more until God brought the great flood and destroyed man except Noah and his family who for being faithful was tasked to built the ark for his refuge. He had three sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth from whom the new human race started. Japheth got separated from the other two and were very good sailors. They settled into far away lands and their descendants, God and Magog never played an important role in the Divine Plan until the Last Days - in the Battle of Armageddon.

New generations came after another and again men did evil ways before the Lord. Nimrod, a descendant of Ham became a mighty hunter who built a city named Babel and attempted to built a tower that reached to the clouds. God did not like their motive and so He confused their language. So men were divided into small tribes or nations in as many languages and began to spread out all over the world.

After the downfall at Babel, God started to form his own nation through Abram, later to be called Abraham. He called him from the land of Ur, Chaldea, a place very near the old city of Babel of Nimrod. His wife Sarah bore Isaac, a son despite of her old age. Due to the faith of Abraham, God promised him that great nations shall come from him. Along with the promise is a great material blessing but more importantly a spiritual blessing that will ultimately reconcile man with God. Abraham had another son through his servant Hagar. His name is Ishmael, later to become the Arabs. He also has a nephew, Lot who had two sons, Moab and Ammon. Both Ishmael and the descendants of Lot are known enemies of the nation of Israel.

Isaac became the father of Jacob and Esau. Jacob soon was renamed Israel and Esau, Edom. Jacob won the birthright promised that was passed on to the firstborn from generation to generation since Esau sold that birthright to him. Esau would later join with the descendants of Ishmael, Moab and Ammon to become the thorns and briers of the nation of Israel.

Jacob bore twelve sons which later on became the twelve tribes of Israel. The birthright promise belonged to Joseph although he was not the firstborn, Reuben was. But Reuben sinned against Israel and lost his birthright.

The baton of birthright promise was finally passed on to Joseph's sons. Now when Joseph was a young boy, he was sold by his brothers as slave to Egypt. The rest of the life of Joseph was spent in Egypt. Because God was with him, he became very successful and became second only to Pharaoh ruling in the kingdom of Egypt.

The life of Joseph comprised about half of the book of Genesis. There might be reason why God has to give us that much detail about the life of Joseph especially that for the first time in the genealogy of birthright possessor, Joseph married Asenath, an Egyptian woman, a daughter of the pagan high priest of On, Egypt. That was in complete violation of God's command to patriarch Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to marry only a Hebrew woman or someone among their kin. He eventually had two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh and Manasseh was the firstborn. Unlike the cases of Edom and Reuben, the Bible did not tell us this time why Manasseh lost the birthright. Could it be that his mother is an Egyptian? What we are sure of is that the generation of Joseph who possessed the birthright are not pure Hebrew bloods anymore. Somehow, legally and spiritually, they should also be called Egyptians for they are also Egyptian citizens.

After Ephraim and Manasseh, the Bible stopped detailing how the birthright was passed on to whom. From there, the blueprint to establish God's nation on earth was completed. From there, we turn on to the journey and travels of Israel and find out how they carried out with the plan.

Towards the rest of this study, we should always remember the beginning of the Israel particularly the life and sons of Joseph. Again, God has a purpose that we need to understand and to understand all prophecies. This is only made clear in our times, the last days. How great is our God!

These are all explained more in detail in the book form.

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