The Great Tribulation

We like to know what shall happen during the last seven years, the Last Week of Daniel. Most of those years belong to the Antichrist and exactly 3 1/2 years or 42 months or 1260 days are the times he is allowed to overpower the Christians. Make no mistake, the Bible is clear that the Christian will suffer under the Antichrist. The last days event "Rapture" is becoming very popular nowadays but beware. Satan is using that false and popular belief to victimize many. But there is another rapture nobody knows that will take place. However, that is reserved to those being groomed by God to become His army of war against the Antichrist and his followers. That will be discussed in the last topic, The Day of the Lord.

The Antichrist shall come from Iraq, from the old city of Nineveh, now a place near Baghdad. He shall have but a little time to rule the world and will rule with extreme cruelty but with very clever ways of attracting believers. He can give power over death so that those who believe in him will not die a physical death. He can have power over nature--fire to come down from heaven against his enemies and all sort of supernatural powers. Beware! Later on, those followers will seek death but will not find it for it will become sweeter to die than to suffer at the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The man who will invade Europe is what the Bible refers to as an Assyrian king because Europe is now the home of Ephraim, and the Ten Lost Tribes, the old Israel. He is the same man will also later invade Judah, now we know as Israel as he assumes the role of a Babylonian king because it was King Nebuchadnezzar who invaded Judah and also Egypt. Then finally he will invade the USA, the old Egypt because USA is also Manasseh. That role, becoming a Pharaoh is the finality of kingdoms as portrayed in Daniel's vision of the diverse beast. The world will become just one-world government, the diverse beast with new sets of times and laws and one world and new religion--he will destroy all known religions. There will be great tribulation not for the followers of the Antichrist but for the Christians and to those who once believed but forgot God or are lukewarm believers. Nobody can buy or sell unless the mark of the Antichrist is on one's hand or forehead. Only a few of the Christians will survive. No one can defeat the Antichrist within the 42 months of his rule. All the world is given to him and is subject to him. He will destroy nations and turn cities into a desert with nuclear weapons and through his power to rain fire from heaven against those who oppose him.

The topic also explains why the Antichrist is numbered "666" and discover why will he sets his throne in New York, USA. You may be surprised but the Bible tells it all. There is also a guide what we need to do during those perilous times.

These are all explained more in detail in the book form.

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