2011 - Lessons to Learn

The year 2011 has passed and we welcome 2012, another year of grace and sure mercy from above. As mankind continues to move ahead with its seemingly unending journey, let's look back and see what has transpired in 2011.


The top five world international stories in 2011 according to Time Magazine deputy international editor Bobby Ghosh are:

1. The Arab Spring

2. The death of Osama Bib Laden

3. The Japan earthquake and tsunami

4. The uprising in Libya and the death of Moamar Qaddafi

5. The European economic crisis

The first question that comes to mind in spiritual aspect is: 'Are these news stories prophesied in the Bible?' Well, not all news are written in the Bible but all these stories will make up to complete one big story that are prophesied in detail. They are all like roots of a tree that becomes the trunk then blossoms into one big tree. That big tree seen above ground is that what we can read in the prophecies.


Most prophesies, maybe about 90% are related to the end times. That end times is what the prophet Daniel wrote as the Last Seven Years, or the Last Week. We are not yet within that last seven years.


Perhaps, the most notable event, which is the common denominator of all the news stories is that the world is getting smaller. The world is becoming just one community and that is how the world is going to be-- to become one nation, the nation of Babylon under one fierce king. Modern technology and the social media played a big role in the major news stories. Second, people are becoming more active in politics and they want their voices heard in their respective country's affairs. That has become more achievable due to the growth of social media like Facebook and Twitter. That is the positive side of it. However, the negative side is sometimes people become unreasonably sceptical that result to financial crisis like what happens in some nations of the European Union. The nation of Greece is now suffering because of poor economic mismanagement, huge foreign debt and as a result of a unified currency with the EU. There is a law in economics that in event of people not spending money, then there is economic breakdown, market will collapse and unemployment will rise. Sometimes, the government will make temporary, radical solution by printing more money to keep circulation going and increase liquidity. But that also raises inflation and increase the inability of the government to pay off its debts. Overall, this will result to a bankruptcy. The world's economy is actually becoming more fragile. The fall of one, may result into a fall of other nations' economy. Again, because the world is becoming more like just one nation.


This domino effect played a major role in the Arab Spring. It started in Tunisia then to Egypt and then to so many other Arab nations. For some Arab nations, transition is slower, for Libya, it was bloody and long. Until now Syria is still in a protracted civil war due to disregard of the government to human life. It has become more bloody that all the other Arab nations before it. Nevertheless, the power possessed by the people is overwhelmingly hard to overcome. This is a big lesson to learn for future leaders to consider if they intend to rule by iron hand. People are looking for perfect government, for a leader who can address their economic needs. Most Arabs are no longer tolerating dictatorship. They want more freedom. However, it looks like they are now leaning into more strict observance of religious laws. However, there will be no perfect government except the government of Jesus Christ who will take over the whole world. Civil and political strife will continue for now, yes even wars between nations. Soon we shall see a king who has learned from all these lessons. His government which will perceived to be "perfect" will satisfy most peoples' physical needs. Debts of nations will be cancelled, boundaries of nations will be removed, there will be equality and there will only be one world government and religion. However, there will be no uprising that can succeed because he will not hesitate to annihilate many but many will respect and obey him-- those whose names are not written in the Book of Life.


The Japan earthquake is to me is just a physical representation of the economic tsunami hitting the rest of the world. Japan, a very wealthy country was ravaged by an earthquake so great that until now it has not recovered from that that unprecedented catastrophe. Besides from being one of the signs of the last days, earthquakes are also a warning from God not to rely too much on our physical assets. Disasters will always be with us. In time of nothingness that we bow down to our knees and get closer to God.


The death of Osama Bin Laden marked the end of ten year hunt for world's most wanted man. That was a victory for America giving the nation a respite from the many difficulties it faced through the years. To get rid of the man responsible for 9/11 is simply removing a person from this planet but has not eliminated terror threats from the world. Again, God is searching our hearts, we should look up to Him to solve our problems. If things becomes so complicated, and beyond our abilities to solve, He is more than willing to solve them for us.


What shall we expect in 2012? I want to be positive. I want to be very hopeful praying that people will slowly look up towards the One who is in control of all things. One sure thing I can say is, the world will not end in 2012 as many have already come to believe. Some people have actually invested in deep bunkers to protect them from "end-of-the-world" catastrophes but unfortunately, that's a waste of money. Regardless of the events that will be coming up in the next year, we just have to look straight ahead towards our supreme goal, forgetting what has gone past but learning some lessons from it.


Therefore we welcome the New Year, 2012 with my prayers that mankind will become more Christ-leaning, more souls won, multiply and grow in wisdom to prepare for whatever lies ahead.


I will take this opportunity to thank all those who continue to follow my updates and sharing this to others. Continue to visit this site for better understanding of the times. This service to the Lord will continue to serve the purpose of giving glory to God and prove that His written Words, the prophecies are true and trustworthy and therefore bring us closer to Him.


Let us remember that our priority as we count the years away is to come closer to God. Let us put an end to too much merrymaking and pleasures of life. Let us give our spirit a chance and respite from the cares of the world.

The Lord, the LORD Almighty,
called you on that day [last days]
to weep and to wail ,
to tear out your hair and put on sackcloth.
But see, there is joy and revelry,
slaughtering of cattle and killing of sheep,
eating of meat and drinking of wine!
"Let us eat and drink," you say,
"for tomorrow we die!"
(Isa 22:12-13)

Have a Blessed, Christ-filled New Year to All!

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