Where Are We Now? What To Expect?

Maybe many will be interested to know where are we now in the prophecies. My first topic, 'How Close Are We To The End?' is the most visited page in this site. But as I have mentioned before, nobody can predict when exactly the end will be. Many attempted to declare the specific date but nothing happened. It was already written that nobody knows the day and the hour. How about the year, the month? Is it possible to tell the approximate year of the Second Coming? There are clues but we should learn to understand the times and listen to God's signs. They are now happening around us.

There are many indicators and we need to interpret the times, the way we interpret the day's weather. We need also to understand the prophecies and relate them to our times. Read 'Understanding the Times' to check how God communicates to us through the natural events. In that topic, God has warned America with signs that the end is coming. Yet nobody listens and we continue to do our ways. Check out the illustration below. Note that until we reach the the first year of the Last Seven Years of Daniel, it is difficult to approximate the last day. Please read the Confirmation of the Covenant to understand the events in the last seven years. That is because the period from 0-1 is unknown. However, we are fast approaching the last seven years. One of the strongest indicators of the end will be famine around the world. Once that big famine sets in, then we can say, we are entering the Last Seven Years. Wars will be more fast and deadlier than the previous world wars. That too is an indicator of the end.

Where Are We Now?

These days, we can already feel the winds of big changes blowing around us. Try to recall ten years back and feel the difference. Where are we heading? There seems to be no improvement to our difficulties wherever we are around the world. The world is becoming sinful, farther from God. We are now at the period from 0 to 1, the beginning of birth pains.

The time is ripe, the world is ready for harvest as shown by the signs of times. Let us all be prepared.

What to expect?

Here is the summary of what we should expect base on biblical accounts and mostly are already discussed in previous topics. The numbers are based on the illustration above.

0-1 (Beginning birth pains, length unknown):

  1. Changing weather patterns and reduced agricultural harvest, spreading famines

  2. Worsening economic difficulties, wars and rumours of wars

  3. More devastating earthquakes and increased volcanic activities

  4. Growing differences between Western allies as they become weaker

  5. Rise of Russia, China, India, Iran, Iraq; western enemies to slowly overpower the West

  6. The U.S. will become weak and its plans will be brought to nothing

  7. Those who relied on the U.S. for protection will be brought to shame

1-2.5 (Wars, famines, pestilences):

  1. U.S.A. and the E.U. will break ties

  2. The fall of the E.U. (The first "6"). The West's escape to the U.S.A. for refuge

  3. Israel hanging on to the U.S.A. for defence but will eventually left alone

  4. The fall of Israel (2nd "6"), then finally the fall of the U.S. (3rd "6", completing the "6-6-6")

  5. America will be occupied by the people from Middle east

  6. Great worldwide famine and pestilence

  7. War all over the world like a flood

2.5-6 (Tribulation proper - The worldwide rule of the Antichrist):

  1. The Antichrist will rule the whole world

  2. He will change the time and laws and will persecute many Christians, the Antichrist will prosper in all he does

  3. On the 3-1/2 years after the start of the Last Seven Years, the Antichrist will sit in the U.N. to rule the world, no one will be allowed to buy or sell without the mark of the Antichrist. By this time, we will be able to determine exactly what year the Lord is coming. The Lord is expected to come at the end of next 3-1/2 years. The exact day and hour, however, we will not know.

  4. The followers of the Antichrist will receive power over death, a new god will be proclaimed

  5. God's Two Witnesses, Moses and Elijah will come preaching to the whole world and prepare the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

  6. The elect will be snatched away to Greenland to be safe from the wrath of the Antichrist, the Army of God is being prepared for action in Greenland against the Antichrist; the Antichrist will be troubled and will annihilate many

  7. Towards the end, the world will be subdivided into ten regions and ruled by ten governors from Europe

6-7 (The Day of the Lord):

  1. Huge space object hitting Earth, the greatest earthquake of all time, huge tsunami along the Atlantic coasts

  2. Darkness covers the whole world, temperature drops

  3. Plagues and bowls of God's wrath

  4. The gathering and homecoming of the lost sheep of Israel and Christians from around the world to Jerusalem (The Great Exodus)

  5. The fall of Babylon, his kingdom and all nations, many are those slain by the Lord

  6. The whole world will be burned; the harvest of the earth

  7. The invasion of China against Israel, the Battle of Armageddon; The Lord's Second Coming

To be able to understand better the sequences of events, please review the past topics or read the book, "The Omega Days". Always pray and persevere. These are difficult times towards the end.

In order for you to get saved and become a Christian please follow these simple steps.